About Sergio


That is my history as a wedding photographer...

Hello, My name is Sergio Mejia I was born in Mexico City. I am passionate about life. I am a wanderluster, taco lover, motorcycle rider and a true fan of gadgets.
I am fortunate enough to live my life the way I always imagined: taking pictures! My first camera was a present my mom gave me when I started my photography classes during college. At that time, I learnt how to process pictures in a darkroom,  to distinguish the smell of chemicals, and to love and hate at the same time the photographic enlarger. But the best part was when a new memory emerged, a new image that would stay forever. This was a very special time in my life that put photography inside my heart.
My main focus in photography has been wedding photography. I love working with people in love, full of joy and emotions. I enjoy meeting these couples and becoming part of their lives. I am convinced that are magic, no matter the culture, religion or budget in which the wedding take place.


I believe that every image will be valuable not only for you, but also for your families and your future generations as well. This is part of your family history, and I’m pleased to be part of it. ¡In the future!

If you allow me, I’ll be delighted to be part of this journey. I open you my heart and I hope I can reach yours with my work. If this creates joy for you, then I’ll be assured that my goal as a photographer has been reached. I would like to travel in time with you; I want to be your photographer and friend. I want to see your family grow and immortalize you with the memories I’ll create.