Hi! I'm so happy that you are here!


I grew up in Mexico City, I studied my degree in communication science wishing to be a photojournalist. I found something better. Capture your most precious moments!


– I’ve been taking wedding pictures for 11 years.

– I have a motorcycle that has taken me through incredible places in the United States and Mexico. My longest motorcycle trip Mexico City – San Francisco CA. I want to go to Alaska.

– I had an amazing Rothweiler called Dana. I still miss her a lot. (1998-2012)

– I do not like coffee.

– Nor beer too. I’m sorry.

– I was born in Mexico City and currently live in Claremont County of Los Angeles. I come and go between the two countries.

– I married my high school girlfriend. This answers some of the previous question.

– I enjoy making wooden furniture.

– Most of the time I drive with the radio off. I love drive in silence.