Sergio's work is spectacular !!! He took the best photos of our wedding. Every time we see them, 4 years later, it's like reliving every moment! He managed to capture every gesture, hug, detail in a genuine and spontaneous way!
A few months ago, we took pregnancy photos and we were fascinated again. As soon as I saw them, with my baby in my arms. I could not help crying with emotion at the beautiful memories that Sergio's photos transmitted to me. SIMPLY MAGIC!


Imagine that your best friend was also an incredible photographer. You know, someone that knows your good side, true smile, is there when you don't even notice... Most importantly, the one that will tell you to stop and look at the camera in the middle of a perfect moment (yes, the moment that you don't know is perfect and don't really feel like smiling)... Meet Sergio!
I barely knew Sergio 1 yr ago. He photographed my sister's wedding in San Miguel and 8 months later, I knew that he'd be the one taking the pictures at my own wedding. Sergio is TALENTED, trustworthy... he has an eye for beautiful moments and, if you let yourself trust him, will capture the spirit of your happiest day.
Thank you Sergio, you are a rare gem.
You will always have our friendship and love.


Sergio did such an amazing job with our engagement and wedding photos! He is very professional and communicated very well with us throughout the whole process. Sergio has a special way to make you feel very comfortable and natural in front of the camera. We are so happy with the way our photos turned out and highly recommend him! Sergio went above and beyond and delivered great photos and service beyond our expectations!


The experience of taking photos with Sergio is amazing, it becomes since you know him as an ally and especially a friend, he is a very patient person, at his side he always feels a sense of security and confidence as of a good friend , never hesitate to ask him something, whatever, Sergio will always answer you with that warmth that characterizes him and will always be available.


One of the most important decisions of our wedding was to find the right photographer for us. We wanted someone who could capture the love and feeling of our wedding and who could give us the opportunity to preserve these moments for the rest of our lives. Sergio gave us that gift! He is incredibly creative and he made us feel very relaxed. I would recommend him to everyone!


Sergio thanks for joining us on our day. Our experience with you has been extraordinary, in addition to being professional, empathic and creative, you cause the photos to capture those moments that only a good lens captures; moments, gestures and emotions that at the moment are not perceived so much but that seeing your work make us remember, get excited to see beautiful unnoticed details and feel again the happiness of that day


We discovered Sergio because a friend showed us her engagement pictures. We thought it was so special that just with some pictures, Sergio was able to capture the love between a couple in an original and organic way, making small details look spectacular. That is why we asked him to come all the way to Nottingham, Robin Hood’s land, to be our wedding photographer! That day, we had the most intense snow in the last 50 years in England at the end of March. We could have not be luckier as that gave us the most beautiful background for our pictures. With Sergio we enjoyed our love in the most amusing way. Sergio’s pictures make everything to feel special and it is the most beautiful memory of a very special day in our lives.


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Sergio on the photos of our wedding and engagement. Sergio is a professional who focuses on capturing feelings and emotions more than just shooting a simple photograph. His work is super professional and we recommend it 100%. If you are looking to remember a special moment and at the same time have a very pleasant experience, Sergio is the person who can undoubtedly make it possible. Thank you again for capturing our special moment! We wish you tons of success!


Sergio took the wedding pictures of my husband’s brothers. When we were going to get married, he was stubborn with Sergio also taking ours ..... I am not quite photogenic! But, my now husband was quite stubborn and the result was: The best pictures of my life.

The most incredible memory of our happiest day. Totally recommended, I also confess that my favorite part was the engagement session: our enlarged photo is hanging in the TV room of our house and every person that sees it is amazed; it looks very fancy, but super natural at the same time. Excellent photographer and human being, with a magical eye.


We met Sergio at a wedding in the UK, and since that moment, we have already had 4 photo sessions with him. It’s unnecessary to talk about his pictures, you NEED to see them!
But above all, the best thing about working with Sergio is the his warm heart, his friendship, and his honesty!


We could not have been any happier with Sergio. He well exceeded our expectations! Not only professional, but also friendly and a pleasure to have at our event. He captured everything and everyone. Thank you, Sergio for a lifetime of memories.


The best photographer! We met Sergio thanks to our wedding planner, and definitively we could not have someone better than him to take the pictures of our wedding, besides being an incredible photographer he is an excellent person, we hope to have another session soon.


Sergio is the best photographer to capture the best moments !!! We love his work, his personality, and his professionalism. We love him so much that he has become our head photographer and a good friend! We have shared many important moments with him: from our wedding to our second child. And we are still waiting for more!


Sergio we are shocked, the pictures are incredible! There is no doubt that there is always a reason behind everything. We had to have the best photographer, thank you very much, we are very excited.


We met Sergio through his website. The first time we met each other was in a engagement session. It was as if one of our lifelong friends were going to take our pictures. We clicked immediately and we loved his warm hearth. Our wedding was the best, he shot great quality pictures with his unparalleled talent. We have been married for 7 years and although we haven’t seen a lot these days, we know that we have a friend in him for the rest of our lives and we are glad that he was our photographer.


I believe that the most important thing of moments are that photographs remain, but sometimes over time we forget the details of things. That is precisely the purpose of the photos, remembering each wonderful moment with all details. Sergio did it perfectly. I could not have a better photographer for my wedding, because he made every detail stand out and made one of the happiest days of my life immortal. Without a doubt you have my admiration forever! Thank you Sergio

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