Barbara & Santiago


Sunset, the ideal time to propose.


I met Barbara on a very special moment: a few seconds before Santiago had asked her to marry him and I was asked to be there to capture this magical moment, filled with tears of joy and happiness. This experience took place in The Bayan Tree, in Cabo Marquez, Acapulco, just next to the Pacific Ocean. Bárbara had no idea about this surprise, but the place was perfect to capture the essence of this magic moment. 

The sunset at the hotel’s viewpoint was the signal to identify the exact moment of the delivery of the ring. There I was, a witness anxiously looking at the sun, but at the same time capturing each moment and reactions of the two.

Once she said: Yes, I do! I approached to greet them and our photo session formally started. It was a very quiet and brief session at the hotel. For me it was extraordinary because I was able to capture the very first moment of this story that culminates with their wedding.

After we walked and explored the hotel, we left with a hearth filled with love and joy.  I really enjoyed being part of this moment in the life of Barbara and Santiago. I share some photos of our session and I hope you enjoy them.

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