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We discovered Sergio because a friend showed us her engagement pictures. We thought it was so special that just with some pictures, Sergio was able to capture the love between a couple in an original and organic way, making small details look spectacular. That is why we asked him to come all the way to Nottingham, Robin Hood’s land, to be our wedding photographer! That day, we had the most intense snow in the last 50 years in England at the end of March. We could have not be luckier as that gave us the most beautiful background for our pictures. With Sergio we enjoyed our love in the most amusing way. Sergio’s pictures make everything to feel special and it is the most beautiful memory of a very special day in our lives.

Paty & David

Imagine that your best friend was also an incredible photographer. You know, someone that knows your good side, true smile, is there when you don't even notice... Most importantly, the one that will tell you to stop and look at the camera in the middle of a perfect moment (yes, the moment that you don't know is perfect and don't really feel like smiling)... Meet Sergio!
I barely knew Sergio 1 yr ago. He photographed my sister's wedding in San Miguel and 8 months later, I knew that he'd be the one taking the pictures at my own wedding. Sergio is TALENTED, trustworthy... he has an eye for beautiful moments and, if you let yourself trust him, will capture the spirit of your happiest day.
Thank you Sergio, you are a rare gem.
You will always have our friendship and love.

Danny & Larry

Una de las decisiones más importantes de nuestra boda fue el fotógrafo. Queríamos a alguien que pudiera capturar el amor e animo de nuestra boda y tener un recuerdo de esos momentos para el resto de nuestras vidas. Sergio nos dio este regalo! Es increíblemente creativo y nos hizo sentir super cómodos. Se los recomendaría a todos

Rocio & Brendan